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So, today for supposed to be for work, but has instead turned into a day for reflection. I can't say I particularly mind: As much as I sincerely enjoy Theocomp, I find it a difficult class to make myself study for, since I like learning the new material and am sure I'd get distracted by reading later into the book instead of trying to understand the intricacies of Ogden's Lemma.

On another up note, there's a rumor out ( from Thom ) that since Thom is teaching Algorithms next semester, Ran will teach Big Algorithms again *grin*. I was sad that I couldn't take it last year -> I really want to learn matriod theory and a few other neat things he mentioned in baby alg.

Anyways.. I think I get to sit in my room for the rest of the day ( i'm feeling decently sick, and my leg is nasty swollen again.. i really need to figure out what's managed to get screwed up there. )
If anyone wants to come say "hi"... umm.. I'll figure out some way to bribe you later? (unless you're pava, in which case the sandman that I got in the mail today should do it)

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