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Just.. wow. I'm so completely exhilarated/overwhelmed right now. Just little
old me, but right now I haven't washed my hands since shaking with Michael,
Patrick, and Liz of Rusted Root, and I'm holding the drumstick Jim Donovan used
to do an absolutely amazing rendition of "Drum Trip" less than an hour and a
half ago. It grabbed the crowd like nothing else did, and for a few precious
minutes we were one being, all thinking and feeling every pound, every note of
bass reverberating through and beating our hearts. There is something so
beautiful about not only feeling a piece of music, but also watching others
feel it with you, and being with them and watching the excitement become
contagious. I was standing right at the front of the pit, like leaning on the
stage if the barricades didn't keep me 7" away. I stood the entire time, with
so much adrenaline coursing through me that I could do it and nothing hurts. I
even drove home afterwards.

Drum Trip was hands down the best of the concert (together with its follow-up,
Ecstacy, which is also just another huge wonderful excuse to focus a song of
Jim!) Other than that.. they opened with Voodoo, which was awesome... they
played 4 songs from their new album (the opener tune, Welcome to my Party,
Woman got my Money, and Too Much), which is understandable since they have to
plug the thing, but they were the low points of audience participation. The
rest of the stuff was primarily off of When I Woke and Remember. I really
really like Remember :-) They played "Heaven" and "Voodoo" (the song they
opened with). Other songs were "Laugh os the Sun", "Martyr" (of course),
"Cat Turned Blue" (with the awesome All along the Watchtower bit), "Cruel
Sun" (mmm anti-war yumminess), amd a couple of other more low-key tunes. So
very wonderfully awesome!

Liz and Jen opened (and they're not too bad either), so the audience was
dancing non-stop from 7:30 to 10:30, and they had more energy by the end than
the beginnning. Michael (lead singer and guitarist) sliced the top of his
index finger open on a guitar string during the 2nd song, so every time a
song ended he swapped out guitars with a roadie so that they could wipe the
blood off of it. His finger kept bleeding, spraying drops of blood into the
air as he played on, echoing the crowd's fervor, their movements and passion.
He played on, song after song, sometimes wiping his guitar off during someone
else's solo. When I noticeed that it had started to bleed again and he was
so immersed in his talent that he didn't even notice, all I could do was
stare at him in awe, hands over my chest bidding myself not to yell at him to
stop playing.

He ketp playing.. the band came back for an encore, and actually played 3
songs before leaving after that. (the last one being "Send Me on My Way", and
the one beofre it was a new song and / or a cover of some type.)

I met a guy (standing behind me who was at the concert with his wife. He was
from PA too.. Pittsburgh in fact. It was insane how many of the people there
at flown in for the show. Jenn gave a shoutout to her Pittsburgh friends,
and an entire corner of the area started screaming. The guy was from Shady
Side. He was as into this stuff was I was, and we built off of each other.
There was also a girl behind him who I think was the only other person there
who sang along to every single song. There was such chaotic beautiful
dancing and feelng there.. I hope my future self remembers what I write these
feeble words attemtping to express. I hope this memory is a long one.

After the real last song, the "Send me on my Way", Jim Donovan walked to the
front of the stage, bent down, and handed me one of his drumsticks!! I think
the best coherent thank you I could manage came out sounding more like a
fangirl sqee, but he's probably used to that :-)

Then, this man who had been standing behind me for most of the concert came
up to me and handed me a wrist-band, saying that I could go to something
called the "Foundation Room" if I liked. After I went over and bought a Jim
CD, I wandered to a barkeep and asked what it meant. A bouncer came up to
Peter and I and escorted us to an elevator hidden in the corner of the
hallway. It was a pretty elevator, with what looked like cut up 4"x6"
strips of oriental rug on the walls and a neatly textured ceiling. I asked
one women if she knew what this "Foundation Room" thing was, and she said
that it was "just a room upstairs for the house of blues foundation, sort of
like a VIP club. The band usually stops by there..." So, of course I was
thrilled, and I got my wish. First, they wouldn't let Peter in, so I went
inside the Foundation Room myself. It felt like a cool club out of a
movie. Very neat, with nice decor and all kinds of sleek, hip, LA types
separated by people like me who had got in there by either request of the
band or pure chance. The armband (I'm still wearing it) is a little darker
and greener than robin's egg blue.

I met a guy who tried to chat me up, but I got bored of him and felt a
little guilty for leaving Peter at the doorway, so I went back into the
hallway in front of the room. With massive amounts of luck, I happened to
be there right as Patrick was walking through to leave. He recognized
me! It was cool, because he is (with Jim) my favorite band member. He
had smiled at me a few times during the show, but I thought he was just
being bored up there :-) :-)

After Patrick left, I turned to talk to Peter. I overheard the
Foundation Room bouncer asking for someone's bracelet, and the man
replying "I'm the lead singer for Rusted Root!". Bam! So, I went back
in and got to meet Michael, who didn't recognize me but asked my name
(and said it right on the 1st try!). I asked about his hand, and he said
that it was bleeding, and that he was slowly dying. He then asked if I
thought it was gross.. I said that it was sad, for complete lack of
being able to express my admiration for his dedication.

Having met them, I went back out to see if Jim was around, as I wanted to
thank him for the drumstick ( and also see if he would sign it, of
course befor enoticing that he *had* in fact signed it! ). Instead, I
ran right into Liz Berlin, who recognied me too, and I ended up in a
picture with her and some random girl. It was wierd :-) I ended up with
one of her business cards ("Mrs. Small's Funhouse" ones) and her
signature on a postcard at the request of a strangely persistent women
named Francesca. Francesca also kept asking if I had gotten everything
*else* I had signed, but she wasn't too scary. I left soon after talking
to Liz and drove home, passing a fistfight with cops at it (which blocked
our way for a bit as we were trying to walk down the street), a bad car
crash, and a road closing that looked an awful lot like a drug bust
(people lined up near cars with their hands beind their backs. The cops
probably have to somethign to even out whatever deal they made with the
house of blues, since that place has enough pot in the air to kill a small
lab animal.

So, yea.. that brings you to now, doesn't it? Man, I think the
adrenaling is wearing off.. bedtime!

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