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Yea, that *is* the correct time.

And those who know me know that there are only 2 reasons I'm ever up this early ( and reason one is I have a plane to catch.. which isn't true until later today ).

I got my midterm done, and then started to look at my research.

Then I got distracted by an e-mail I'd been meaning to send. I think I've done some good today. Maybe.

Then I noticed that its so late/early. I really did mean to work on clinic.. sorry :(

So I'm trying to prove that adding crossings to chords of a planar ring makes it at most twice as small in terms of diameter. I've got the general idea, but I'm supposed to explain it to Ran in 3.5 hours so I doubt general idea is going to cut it. I'm not sure where the 2 is coming from. I can prove that its greater, certainly, but the 2 is a little wierd, in that its a constant factor.

Just because I'm sure all you folk wanted to know :-)

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