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(Name Meme.. )

If you call me "Mr. Gadani", you're a telemarketer.
If you call me Ah-wa-nee, you're a telemarketer with a little more tact, or someone reading my name off of a badge.
If you call me Ani, you're my little brother or possibly sister or cousin, depending on your mood.
If you call me Oni, you knew me at the Circle School / Green Ridge.
If you called me anything that rhymed with that, I hate you.
If you called me Odi, your name is Luke, and you honestly didn't know any better.
If you call me 'Ni, your name is Em.
If you called me 'Vani, I haven't forgotten you and miss you terribly.
If you call me "smart girl", you were in SI with me senior year of high school.
If you call me Shorty, you knew or were introduced to me by Guppy.
If you call me Firefly, you knew me from the angels or the Praetorians.
If you call me Pixie, you knew me during a particularly silly part of my frosh year.
If you call me Avani, you are everyone else :-)

More than I expected, considering that I'm intentionally leaving some out.

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