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Addictions and 9/11

Midnight's conversation:

A: I just did something dumb.
P: Really?
A: I just drank a double espresso.
P: Yea, I saw that. I thought you wanted to stay awake.
A: No, I was just thirsty.
P: Ok, that was stupid. I'm still not getting you a Coke.

I keep trying to cut back on the stuff, but I have this sinking sensation that its hopeless, and I might as well resign myself to being a card carrying coke whore for the rest of my days. (I spent a bit of time here looking for a picture of the "shopping makes me thirsty" signs from the world of coca-cola store, but alas, you'll just have to imagine them).

I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday with thumbie (and Peter dragged along). I realize that the only way we could have gotten a more liberal hippie group was by going to a showing in Berkeley, but we were both still wowed by the energy of the crowd in the lines outside and throughout the movie.

As for the movie itself, in a nutshell I thought it was a biased, carefully connected, overplayed version of the events of GWB's presidency, which is exactly what I had gone there to see. Michael Moore didn't really say much I hadn't already heard, but his talent lies in stirring, not necessarily informing the people. For example, everyone knows that rich kids aren't going to enlist to be army grunts, but it doesn't strike you until you see the looks on the faces of the parents who would send other's children to war, but not their own. I'm really glad that Moore chose to cement the fact that anti-war protesters are protesting the idea of the war, and have nothing against the soldiers who are actually forced to fight it (though, at some level I still have little sympathy for the "I was just following orders" crowd, but that's neither here nor there). I don't think the movie is going to change anyone's mind on the issues, but it may just convince a few people that they should get around to registering to vote before November.

My only serious complaint about the movie is the title: while it wasn't a bad movie, it certainly didn't have the focus or finesse of Bradbury's social commentary, imho.

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